CCTV captures man the rescuing woman trapped under a van

A traffic surveillance camera in Anhui Province, China, Should get dramatic act of civilian heroism as it shows a few strangers working together to help free a woman who got trapped under a van after being struck on a busy street.

The driver of the van strikes the woman, and she’s dragged a few meters before pedestrians and drivers alike spring to her rescue. Before long there are about a dozen men and women gathered around as they try to save the woman’s life.

The heroic group of pedestrians are seen lifting the can up on its side so that they can grab the woman out from underneath it. And amazingly enough, they do lift it, and the woman only sustained minor injuries.

CCTV footage tends to so us a lot of negative, and though this woman being run down is not so good, the effort by all of the strangers to save her is truly inspiring.

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