Do not get sweaty hands for this climb

In this video we see a man climb up a 450m crane in Dubai and all with his bare hands. James Kingston is constantly pushing himself to climb higher structures. His daredevil antics involve climbing structures without a safety net, without any kind of harness and usually as fast as possible.

This climb started out with Kingston first scaling the building called Marina 101 with his bare hands and in an astounding hour and a half. When he reached the rooftop he decided to go higher to a neighbouring crane that was still working on the structure.  Jumping out onto the crane structure meant bare handing his way up greasy metal bars for another 25 M climb. The view is astounding but the footage could stop your heart. Although this is probably one of the coolest views of the Persian gulf you may ever see, this video should not be watched by those with a fear of heights.

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