He just finished filming a news segment when disaster struck

It is said that when you face a death-defying situation your entire life flashes before your eyes, and based on this footage, I would think that KTVU field reporter Alex Savidge had a full recap of his own life forced upon him.

The irony knows no bounds as the accident occurred while Savidge was reporting on a train jumping the tracks and causing a “chaotic and confusing situation.” Just as he says the words, a car crashes through their set up, sending the journalist leaping out of the way.

The cameraman, Chip, was on his game, clearly alerting Savidge to the Toyota careening towards him. After the close-call, Alex did what every journalist wants to avoid at all cost, he became the story. Clearly shaken and emotionally distraught, but physically fine, Savidge brings his cameraman, Chip, into frame while they are being talked to by anchors in studio about the experience.

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