Her body was completely changed by cancer, but she never stopped dancing

Gabi has faced hardships most people cannot even dream of in a lifetime, and she is not even old enough to drive. She lived a very active life before being diagnosed with osteosarcoma. While her parent’s just wanted their daughter to recover, Gabi only wanted to keep dancing.

Doctors presented Gabi and her parents with a unconventional surgery (rotationplasty) which involves replacing Gabi’s knee joint with her ankle joint to retain mobility. Gabi’s right leg either needed to be amputated completely or the unconventional surgery would need to be done to salvage part.

Gabi shared her experience with the world, and remarkably met her goal of continuing dancing. And, judging by the video, she and her family made the right call.

Gabi now serves as a spokesperson for The Truth 365, a grassroots social media campaign that hopes to shed light on cancer research and funding.

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