It’s the biggest day of her life, but this little guy stole the show

Weddings can be extremely stressful events taking upwards of a year to plan and execute. There is so much that goes into every little detail, but probably nowhere more than into the bride’s wedding gown.

However full of passion, love and unbridled emotion the church portions of the wedding can be, that portion of the day can also drag for some who are looking forward to the open bar or the buffet at the reception. Though, this little guy may have taken the boredom to a whole new level.

As bride-to-be Tanya and Mark walk down the aisle, the young guest saw an opportunity too good to pass up. Sprinting down the aisle he dives right onto the bride’s train like a cat pouncing at it’s favorite toy.

This rebellious act could absolutely ruin the biggest day of these people’s lives, but from what we see in the video, these folks did not let it bring them down.

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