Sloth Gets Caught In The Middle Of The Road

An extremely lucky sloth made headlines today by getting caught in between different highway lanes in Ecuador. Not only are these extremely slow-moving animals beloved by many across the world but be extremely calm and cute demeanor of this particular slot captured international attention.

Sloth In The Middle Of The Road

He decided it would be good time to cross the road and although he managed to get across the first 2 lanes it was much more difficult to make it across the rest of the busy highway. He decided that he couldn’t make it for sure and spent some time simply clasps onto the highway median before the Ecuador transit police caught sight of him. After some time clinging to the poll these officers stepped in and snapped some photos where he seemed to be smiling appreciating their help.

The responding officer named officer Aguayo grabbed the sloth and took him to a local veterinarian first to make sure that he was healthy. All of his vitals were confirmed to be normal and the “lazy bear” as many people call them in Ecuador was returned back into his habitat safely.

So how did the sloth cross the road?

Well the answer is that he did it with great difficulty and with the help of the Highway Patrol. Little does this loss know that he’s now an Internet sensation. The Ecuador transit commission has now changed the laws to make it absolutely mandatory for their officers to attend to animals that are found on streets and highways. This little sloth may have inadvertently saved hundreds if not thousands of animals every year.

The Ecuador police even provided an update on the famous lost living in his new habitat. He seems very happy indeed!

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