Super Bowl ads aren’t all about funny, this one is a must see

Super Bowl 50 broke U.S. viewing records, and it is safe to say a lot of those viewers were tuning in to see more than just Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton. A lot of Americans tune in to watch the exact thing they dread on a normal Sunday afternoon: The commercials.

From puppies to ponies, to celebrities making fools of themselves companies pay a lot of money for the opportunity to catch the viewer’s eyes, even if it isn’t totally obvious what the ads are selling. However, there was one commercial this Super Bowl that hit home with more substance than shimmer.

The No More campaign raised awareness to a situation that not only affects millions of Americans but has been a dark shadow over the NFL for the past few seasons.

The campaign highlights the signs of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Signs we all too often ignore, or pretend aren’t there.
During a time of year where most ads go for laughs, or awws, No More struck a chord with its truthful message. It wasn’t just a must watch commercial, it was an important one.

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