Two Grannies take a lambo for a joy ride

There are few clichés spots you would expect to see your grandmother, like knitting you another scarf, standing in the kitchen cooking or baking, or maybe just relaxing a favorite chair reading a magazine. But, we bet the last place you’d expect to see Granny and her friend behind the wheel of the 650hp hot rod.

“We are Lamborghini queens,” the grannies shout as they drive down Main Street on their way to do grocery shopping in a jet black Lamborghini. It takes the two quite some time to figure out how to get the monsters vehicle in motion, but it doesn’t take long once or on the road before they start to lament that they can not “tear rubber.”

So, sit back and enjoy the awkward and hilarious reactions pedestrians and other drivers have to these sports car driving grannies.

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