Watch these waves break like giant panes of glass

Photographers capturing nature can get some truly stunning shots from around the world. Dawn M. LaPointe went out to the shoreline along Brighton Beach Duluth to capture this video of the tidal ice crashing into itself in this beautiful and powerful nature video.

The ice in this area was filmed in absolutely subzero temperatures and it range in thickness is between .25 to 3 inches. This crashing ice was helped along by 12 to 15 mile-per-hour winds to create a very powerful timelapse. This is a relaxing and extremely hypnotic video. If you love watching nature in its most powerful elements, this could be a great break for your day.

Be sure to crank up your volume so that you can listen to the ice cracking and get a taste of winter especially if you live somewhere down south. This is the kind of footage that definitely makes you feel cold all over.

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