Bet you can’t ride this guy’s bike, and the reason is amazing

It’s just like riding a bike!
Easy-peasy, right? Well, I guess it depends on whose bike you’re talking about here.

This guy’s bike, for instance, makes riding a bike look way more complicated than you remember it being. His bike is rigged up so that the handlebars steer in opposite directions. Trying to make that left turn coming up? Prepare to turn the handles right. Yup, that’s right. On this guy’s bike left is right, and right is left. And take the video as evidence, it’s easier said than done.

Our brains are wired with an algorithm which prevents this kind of thought process from coming natural. It would take a long time on this bike to help program your brain to make the turns fluently.

As you can tell, these people didn’t have a lot of practice with the bike, but it is incredibly entertaining watching them try it.
OK, be honest, you want to ride this thing around the block, don’t you?

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