Funny Squirrel Takes On A Cat

Your first thought upon seeing this video might be one of concern is not too often that you see wild animals wrestling with domesticated animals with good results. This wild squirrel and a domestic cat have killed a very special bond. This squirrel and cat have been friends for years after the cat save the squirrel when he was very small. The family actually took the squirrel in and the two have been raised together in their household.

What is stranger about this partnership still is that when the squirrel actually grew to be of age he decided to run away and join wild squirrels in the neighborhood. On occasion however he comes back to visit his animal sibling. Everytime he does come around the house usually leads to a good wrestling match for nostalgia sake.

If you came here looking to see an epic cat vs squirrel showdown battle, this isn’t really what you may be looking for. However this tabby and wild squirrel wrestling together is certainly very cute after you hear the amazing backstory. These are two remarkable animals that really show us that it doesn’t matter where you come from more what you might look like, friendship is a universal bond.

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