Imagine a river so hot it boils

There are undiscovered parts of the rainforest that still remain untouched up until this point. Deep in the South American Jungle a new river was discovered in 2016 that was so hot it constantly boiled. Geologist Andres Ruzo discovered the river as part of a tale from his grandfather.

The river had long been a geothermal healing site for the Mayantuyacu a group of people living deep in the rainforests of Peru. They allowed the geologist to come in and study the boiling river to recently write a book about his findings. There is currently no cause for the boiling found but future studies could shed light into what is causing the extreme heat. The rainforest still presents a fantastic opportunity to explore the unexplored and this boiling river is an example of a new natural wonder that has remained undiscovered even in our modern age.

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