Imagine seeing 10,000 sharks at once

Sharks keep many people from swimming in the ocean and seeing 10,000 sharks all at once might very well be a nightmare for many people. Sharks migrate every year throughout February and it’s not uncommon to see large masses of sharks from the air during this time. In this picture that was taken between Jupiter Florida and Palm Beach, 10,000 sharks or more made their way in a massive group along the Florida coast. All of them are just a stone’s throw away from shore.

One of the main reasons that these large groups of sharks are forced to migrate are the changes in ocean temperatures are happening worldwide. These black tips are extremely afraid of humans but when you see them from the air, it can definitely make you not want to go into the water anytime soon.

How does this image make you feel? Can you imagine swimming with tens of thousands of sharks? Leave your comments after the picture break!

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