Lady Gaga pays tribute to David Boy

David Bowie’s passing early in 2016 sent a shockwave through the music and entertainment industry. While Bowie was a prolific influence on the lives of many artists, Lady Gaga really showed her support and her overwhelming talent at the 2016 grammy awards.

Using special projector technology as well as in composing her own Ziggy Stardust melody, Gaga covered some of the top Bowie tunes and put on a visual spectacle. In a short journey through the top Bowie songs we see her face change to match his many iconic styles. This was not only one of the best Grammy performances but perhaps one of the best Bowie tributes that has been done thus far.

Check out the performance below if you miss the Grammys and see how well Lady Gaga channels her inner Bowie.

Do you think Lady Gaga could have the same staying power as David Bowie? Leave your comments below!

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