Little boy is distraught over not being at the Broccoli Farm

Who do you want to go to a broccoli farm?

These parents try the oldest trick in the book to surprise their four-year-old son, telling him that they were going to go to the broccoli farm, when really they were en route to the circus the whole time, with grandma and grandpa on their way to meet them as well.

However, the plan backfired in the most adorable way. Apparently, this is the only four-year-old boy in the world that doesn’t think broccoli farm sounds like the most out courageously boring place in the world for a child and he got pretty distraught when his father told him they were in fact at the circus, even when told there was a promise of elephants to be seen.

Maybe this child has a moral and ethical stance against the use of animals in the circus, maybe he has a true passion for vegetables, or more likely than not he just needed a nap, but whatever the answer this kid’s reaction is hilarious.

Good luck trying to find a broccoli farm for next weekend, dad.

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