Navy father returns home early and surprises his son

The Internet is full of parents tricking their kids and filming it. Sometimes it comes of cruel and awkward, but in the case of this Navy SEAL and his family, it is just beautiful.

“He has something he wants to tell you,” the mother says. And her young son guesses his father is coming home but quickly shakes off that option as too absurd. The boy is clearly on the edge and is very emotional, right on the verge of tears. And, once his father, who was not supposed to return home for another few weeks, sneaks up behind him the boy explodes with a squeal and tears of joy as his he clings to his father and sobs.

His tears could melt the coldest of hearts, truly! This little guy’s excitement at seeing his father again is enough to make you want to pick up the phone and call your parents, instead of just sending the odd text.

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