Niagara Falls Has Basically Become A Massive Ice Sculpture Because Of Bitter Cold Weather

When temperatures dip below freezing, we are used to certain things freezing. Our hair, windshield wipers, pipes, ponds, streams — these are all no match for Mother Nature in such extreme conditions.

Still, there are plenty of bodies of water that are just too big and powerful to succumb to freezing conditions. The ocean, large rivers, and places like Niagara Falls are usually exempt from freezing over.

However, the current cold snap North America is experiencing has led to a major exception to this rule. In other words, the mighty Niagara Falls has gotten a wintry makeover that makes the new eighth wonder of the world almost unrecognizable.

Most of the time, the spectacle is blanketed in a mist — created by the 3,160 tons of water that flow over the falls every second.

Today, however, the Falls are covered by icicles that look more like an animated scene from Frozen than anything that exists in real life. The icy appearance of Niagara Falls is actually accelerated by that mist freezing, then sticking to rocks, pipes, or anything else in its path.

It is certainly a sight to be seen, but you must brave the dangerously low temperatures to get a look for yourself.


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