Peyton Manning to announce his retirement

Two reliable sources have suggested that legendary quarterback and recent super bowl winner Peyton Manning will be announcing his retirement this week.

While many insiders had predicted Manning to retire post super bowl, it has taken him some time to reach a decision. At the end of the game he suggested that he would need some time to weigh the options and to come to a decision on his retirement.

Not only is Peyton manning the oldest QB to win a super bowl but he holds an astounding number of NFL records. With two sources coming forward and suggesting that this could be the week for a decision we could soon be cementing these big records right into the hall of fame.

Peyton will be turning 40 on March 24 and he has played football competitively for 29 years at this point. Not only has the game taken an overwhelming toll on his body but the Broncos are more or less set up for the next season with Brock Osweiler as their starting QB.

If Manning were to back out of his decision on retirement this would most likely mean he would opt into signing with another team for just one season.

Of course any team would be lucky to have Manning as a 4 time AFC west title holder and 2 time Super bowl Quarterback. But his options for retirement look fairly tempting as well.

John Elway is an ex player turned broncos football officer who mirrors many of Peyton’s career records. Not only do both of these QB’s deserve a place in the top 5 of all time, but they could soon be working together. Manning could quickly become the co-owner vice president of another franchise just like Elway.

With Manning reportedly speaking to most of his family, close friends as well as Bill Belichick that this year was most likely going to be his last rodeo, it seems like now all we need to do is wait until the Sheriff makes his announcement and officially retires from the NFL.

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