These two dogs know how to bring the cuddles

Although it may be too late for Valentine ’s Day, cute animal videos are good at any time of the year. These two dogs named Dewey and Blaze are Border Collies and they are fairly famous for the tricks that they do online. One trick that we don’t often see on their youtube channel however is them showcasing the love that they have for one another.

These two dogs at the end of the day have an amazing friendship. Although Dewey knows an astounding 100 commands and Blaze is learning and trying new tricks to reach the same skill level, these two are inseparable. Both these dogs live in Texas and when they aren’t appearing in fun youtube videos they spend their time teaching kids dog safety, dog car and training classes for other dogs. The two have nothing but love for each other and you can see it in this video where the two are found hugging.

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