This dog parks heckuva … Bark?

We all know it’s annoying when someone consistently calls your name. After someone beckons you two, three times it’s pretty natural to unleash a slightly crude and annoyed “what?” or maybe you just scowl the word “yes?”

No matter how annoyed, or bothered you are we are willing to bet, even at your worst, your response isn’t as bone chillingly horrifying, and yet completely hilarious as this little shih tzu Cody’s.

When Cody uses owners call his name eventually unleashes the most disturbing yet amazing noise. Somewhere between teenagers annoyed and dragged out “whaaaaaat” and the sound of someone about to be murdered. To be perfectly frank, with no idea at dog could even make sounds like this, but now that we’ve heard it we you kind of want a dog that does. Well, to at least until he does is in the middle of the night waking you from slumber.

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