This mesmerizing overhead shot of sheep herding will offer you chill time

People are using drones these days to capture all kinds of footage. A drone owner in New Zealand decided to fly over top of a local farmer’s field as he was herding his sheep. In a land where the sheep vastly outnumber the people, sheep herding becomes an absolute art.

Tim Whittaker a pilot and photographer for this drone captured the beauty of New Zealand grasslands with dogs rounding up a massive flock of sheep. Although Whittaker was actually on official assignment to take photos of Ewes for an assignment he switched to the drone to capture some of the beautiful patterns that sheep make as they are being herded together.

If this were set to music it might look like some type of massive ballet but the Hawke’s Bay Farm Paddock display is virtually a daily occurrence.

If you need some relaxation time take a minute or so to watch this beautiful drone footage.

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