This soldier had the best welcome home from her elderly dog

When it comes to love the old clichés usually ring true. Especially when they say distance makes the heart grow fonder. This seems especially true when it comes to a girl and her dog.

Much like their human counterparts missing a loved one or a friend, dogs can get pretty down and depressed when their owners are away for extended periods of time. However, this also means they can get extremely happy and ecstatic when their owners, and best friends, arrive home, again.

When this solider left for basic training for three months, she knew her dog was going to miss her. Especially so because her dog is elderly and was not used to them being separated for extended periods. Thankfully, the solider was able to take a short break and make it home for a visit with her old friend, and the dog’s reaction is priceless. Who says a dog is only a man’s best friend?

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