This son heard his father’s voice for the first time, and it it’s beautiful

When the Clamp family found out that their son, Grayson, was born with damaged nerves in his ears that would greatly affect his hearing they knew that raising the young man would be a challenge, because let’s face it, raising children is tough but alone they cannot hear you.

The Clamp family just assumed that their son would never be able to hear, and because he is missing main nerve in his ears hearing implants were not even an option. So, Grayson lived without hearing for nearly 3 years.

That was until there was an incredible medical breakthrough. Thanks to this team of researchers and doctors, for the first time patients deftness from auditory nerve tumors, like Grayson, could receive a surgically implanted device right into the brain stem which will allow them to hear.

So, grab your Kleenex before you sit back and watch crease and here his family’s voice for the first time.

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