This ultrasonic knife slicing through bread is oddly incredibly satisfying

Like a hot knife through warm butter. There is little in this world that is as satisfying as watching a sharp knife effortlessly slice through an object. Be is a tomato, or even an aluminum can on the late-night infomercials for miracle knives (Come on, I am not the only one up at 3 a.m. seriously tempted to up my kitchen’s knife game, right?) It’s odd, but is it true. Something about it is just cosmically calming.

So, this display of the prowess of the ultrasonic knife’s ability to effortless slice through bread like it were warm butter will leave you quite satisfied. The trick to this knife is that it vibrates as it slices, which makes them insanely efficient and effective (Science!) Check out the video to see this bad boy in action. Length-wise, slices, shavings, it does it all.

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