Throwing back to Hugh Jackman and his WWE debut

Hugh Jackman has dominated the silver screen as the bad boy of the X-Men, Wolverine, as well as countless other shirtless, ripped and awesome characters. And now that Zack Ryder is the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, it is the perfect time to look back at Hugh Jackman’s stint on WWE Raw as he took to Zack Ryder’s corner because Ryder was “pathetic” and Jackman loved that about him.

Maybe what is not surprising, the Tony award winning Aussie, who is normally the most jacked man in the room, looks rather small next to peak athletes like Zack Ryder, but what is surprising is how well Jackman fit in with the WWE, even throwing a pretty convincing punch at Ryder’s opponent Dolph Ziggler, helping Ryder score the victory.

Maybe I am just speaking for myself, but more Jackman in the WWE would not be such a bad thing, especially now that Ryder is a champion.

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