Watch as a giant turtle escapes back into the Ocean

Weighing in as the largest of all modern turtles, and the fourth heaviest (on average) reptile behind only three kinds of crocodile, the leatherback sea turtle, who sometimes also known as a lute or a leathery turtle, is quite the specimen to see. Simply put, the leatherback sea turtle is a terrifyingly massive creature. Or, to use a scientific term: Freakin’ huge.

This heartwarming story other creatures return home is enough to produce feelings, but the creature size is what truly makes it a spectacle, as well. The leatherback sea turtle was released from a conservation group in Samuel Brown Town Beach, in Grand Bassa, Liberia, and members of the group filmed as the massive turtle slowly but surely made her way back into the ocean. This video will have you cheering for the turtle the whole way, while also basking in awe at how huge she is.

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