What did you get when a seal crosses a dog? Adorable

The animal kingdom has already proven to be far less prejudice than their human counterparts as seen through blossoming friendships between dogs and chicks, baby chimps and lynxes and even foxes and hounds (OK, that one was a Disney movie.) Regardless, the animal kingdom is taught us if you find a good friend you don’t let go, no matter their species.

On the beach of Cap Ferret, in the south of France, a seal (Nicknamed to You by locals) has developed a budding relationship with a yellow Labrador. The popular seal is known for being outgoing and is not very shy about approaching humans and swimming onto their surfboards, much like canines are known to.

In the video you can want she you snuggle with his new friend even nuzzling up to its neck. We’re not sure if this friendship is built to last but we sure would like to see it.

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